[LOVE-71] Matsuriura Of Student Ultra-small Soft Body ○ Raw Prostitution Both Chan

For whatever reason R18 doesn’t have LOVE (First Star studio) DVD series… Well, i do!.Now let me say LOVE-71 is a 2014 release, but is one of the best lolicon releases i have seen ever. So it’s very worth the re-upload.

What i hate about this release is that they pixelate her face too, but here is why:

LOVE series specialize in extreme lolis, in which they play the “virgin loli” fantasy or the just too young loli to be legal( jailbait, i think you get it). They model is, of-course, 18. But this DVD series plays with the fetish that she is not.

In here they nail it ( one more time), with the perfect sexy teen to die for: Miori Mai. Specially in the last scene, which is above the top.

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